About Stephenie Otobo’s Just Released Gospel Song.

Now just when you thought you have heard and seen it all, another one leaves you picking your jaw from the floor and gathering tour wits about you.

Then you hear Stephanie Otobo just released a gospel track. Wawu!. Ain’t that something. Now when I give it careful thought, handling microphones are her forte so I am sure she will be a great performer.

It wasn’t hard to notice some keywords in the diss sorry gospel track titled ‘I depend on You’. This is quite apt though, dependency is second nature to her.

Moving on, the words ” Oppression, Persecution, trying to bring you down( this should be literal), Everything in your life running out of control (including her bank some years ago). Your friends and family they’ll abandon you ( who would want to claim a sister of the red light district as one of theirs?) are some of the lyrics of the song.

Now don’t get me wrong people,anybody can have an epiphany from his or maker at anytime but this is quite timely for Aunty Stephanie as she seems to love the attention she is getting now and yeah she is milking it.

All in all I wish Auntie Otobo well in this career path of music she has chosen and I really hope she writes memoirs of her holy shouts of joy with the good Apostle. That will sure get her to the celebrity status she is thirsting of or not.

Check out the video


The Silk Scarf


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