Stop Whining! Nobody Owes You Shit!


Sometimes our sense of entitlement in this country is bewildering. The other day after a long day of paid slavery, the following conversation occurred between me and a long time acquaintance. One of those ‘uncu’ I had to rotate my screen at different angles to recognize. This one obviously was unhappy at his Maker and decided to scrape off the first layer of his melanin. I digress, no vex

Uncu : ‘’U try o, not even a word from you’’

Your’s truly : ‘’Hi, how are you?”

Uncu : ‘’Hmm like you care, but am fine’’

Your’s truly : ‘’Good to hear you are fine though”

Your’s truly : ‘’How is work  and the family?”

Uncu : ‘’I won’t answer’’ (At this point I got pretty irritated)

I had a petulant adult on my hands so I decided to ignore him. It made me realize how entitled some of us are generally.  Guy wey no sabi if I don chop that day sef, so I am supposed to jump hoops and pay obeisance every morning to him unto wetin na? I didn’t hear Prince Williams had died and the new heir apparent will be Uncu gwegwegwe on my list.

Everyday around me I see this sense of entitlement playing out. Parents threatening to slap breasts and balls and cursing their progeny for not following their laid down rules or doing right by them. Kids whining how their parents failed them for not having the brains and brawn of  Otedola and Dangote. Questions of who their papa and mama poverty epp infused into their gnashing and groaning.

Let’s not forget our entertainment industry. Fans and AC’s will not allow the yeyebrities they follow fight in peace, have marital drama as they want to,  get  pregnant every year, born  like chicken every year, display  acts of kindness  on social media ,  dress in rags and tatters. Who send una to follow them?  If you can find them worthy of being followed and sniffed at, you should be able to take all the warts and chuku chuku they come with.

See ehn, nobody owes you anything in this cold world you and I live in. Yes, you heard me correctly, not your father nor mother or that friend you shared back pats and chummy times with. People need to wake up and smell the coffee. Being a parent shouldn’t make you overbearing on your kids, the society we find ourselves encourage that. If the pikin decides to look out for his or her parent all well and good but if not pray for him or her and move on . There will be no need for slapping body parts.

Recently the internet went agog with the 5k Bae who returned more than the total sum of money a guy spent on her on a date. This is not new as many men feel it’s their God given rights to have sex with a lady as compensation for all the money he has spent on her. Ladies on the other hand feel entitled to have a man pick up all her bills because he decided to follow the adrenaline rush to his head and skips of  his heart. Auntie is he your dada? Why does he have to suffer for it if you want to wear expensive stuff?

The ones that get my blood curdling are those extended family members who think you came into this life because of them. There you are  managing with your parents until the Good Lord smiles on you and all of a sudden after you have hammered they suddenly show up to identify themselves with your new found fame. You dare not object to catering for all the needs of their large households

Friends outgrow each other. Distance and the cares of life are some of the factors that happen so if that one you used to be chummy with moves away and the phone calls gets fewer , don’t feel bad to the point of vindictiveness. No harm in placing that call through and reviving the friendship. If you try, and that fails honey, move on , make new friends. The world isn’t on pause mode because you lost a bestie. Empathy and few seconds of  rational thinking can save us from this sense of entitlement our village people whisper into our ears anytime and anywhere. Next time it should be You: 1 Village people:  0


PS : On a second thought, our politicians are the only ones that owe us, they owe us all the basics they shamelessly promised when they were soliciting for our votes.


-The Silk Scarf.


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