Every Lady Should See This.


I am going to tread on sensitive ground but some things need to be said.

Why are we, as a people, daft? We follow things, be it religion, culture, trends, sheepishly without weighing anything. So sad.

Okeke eats raw tomatoes everyday. He checks his PSA regularly and it is low. He is in his late forties. He now reads up some article that claims tomatoes can protect one from prostrate cancer and starts propagating it. My people will not ask further questions, they buy it hook, line and dishwater and start consuming tomatoes.

Okorie wakes up and after drinking a tea made by dipping raw aloe vera (eww) in hot water, decides to inform the world that Aloe Vera is the new cure for every ailment under the sun, even the ones yet to be discovered. Gbam!! The bandwagon train don move be that. If you ask questions, you are an infidel that is an enemy of progress.

Mgbokwo decides garlic is the elixir of good health? The air will stink of garlic for a few days before Mgbafor comes up with the benefits (real and imagined) of bitter kola.

In all these, critical questions are never asked. People never test the veracity of any claim. They simply jump into a bandwagon and even recruit others who jump in sheepishly. O ma ga o!!! Well, kidney injury and cousins are real.

Now, it is Keto diet- the magic pill of weight loss. I don’t have issues with how anyone chooses to manage their weight loss. But, do you know Ketogenic diet is a modified form of Atkins’ diet which was popularised in the 70’s? Do you know the science behind ketogenesis? Do you realise that Ketogenic diet is NOT for everyone? In fact, you are to run some tests before you get on the diet, run further tests during the course of the diet and, sorry to shock you, you don’t do this long term.

But, I have heard and seen people gush on and on about the benefits of “Keto” diet and how, wait for it, you can even get pregnant if you are TTC once you get on the diet bandwagon!! Weh done o!!!! All you “Tisha teash me nonsesne”!!! And weh done o, to all you gullible people that won’t do due diligence.

Acute Kidney injury (AKI) and hypoglycemia are very real conditions o. USE YOUR HEADS!!!! They are not for carrying load!!! Exercise your brains!! It doesn’t cause headache. Haba mana!!!

If you want to shed some pounds using a diet plan, please do it right. make sure you have no underlying and/or pre-existing macro and micro nutrient deficiency that can harm your organs. Be very careful. Uwa bu ofu mbia!!!

If you are TTC, please go to hospital. True, there are some macro and micro nutrients factors in TTC but these factors do not operate in isolation.

Be guided.



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2 thoughts on “Every Lady Should See This.

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  1. I was almost joining the keto craze but when I heard you have to eat cabbage with soup instead of proper eba or fufu, I did the peace sign and walked away. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    On a more serious note, Nigerians are so gullible. Imagine my mum dying that she can’t use the atm for 3 days because some Indian cyber hack was taking place. The last time there was the whole scare my dad woke me up at 3am to tell me to have a salt and hot water bath.

    The key to good health is eating moderately, avoiding overly processed and artificial foods while exercising right.


    1. Hahahahha… My mum did the salt water thing too, I educated her, and then I berated her and I urged her to critically process whatever information she gets before proceeding to help spread falsehood and hysteria.


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