Saw this on Facebook and I thought I should share… Since Benue state is or was the food basket of the nation I’m guessing the wheel barrows their governor provided is to convey all that food to the market….lol! 

Nigerians and their acquisition mentality. This yoots that were given this wheel barrows , pray tell did they reject it or not?
It’s possible that some of Ortom’s cabinet members even took some of this wheelbarrows and were the first to share it in their villages. Another ‘Shairman’ is born.
I have been pondering on this word ”Empowerment’. If all the basics of food, shelter, water, good roads, electricity are put in place would there be any need for doling out handouts and items all in the name of empowerment? Won’t this basics encourage them to think out of the box and create startups  rather than depend on another human being for survival which culminates into godfatherism and hero worship.
Its ironic that Ortom did not think of Benue state as the food basket of the nation or creating incentives which could add value to the food chain and agriculture in general. He went the way of making his yoots fit and sexy men and women. All those toned arms and legs😒
We claim to practice democracy as a system of government but we are far from being democratic in our actions. Some of us are quick to be grateful to this politicians for providing us with our rights as citizens. They tar a road, we hail them.They give out sewing machines, they are the real MVPs. They give out bags of rice and ororo , Santa came with a potbelly but with no reindeers. Who born you to question them when they default? Abi ori e ti daru…Sigh.
I keep saying I won’t rant anymore over Nigeria and her woes and failings but I can’t help myself especially when silly headlines  graces the front pages of the dailies. I truly look forward to the day we will take back what is left of this nation and No, don’t bring God into this. It starts and ends with us the polity.
Facebook : Comfort D’vixen Udoh


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