I Want A Divorce…

“I want a divorce.”

She said this quietly while twiddling the hem of her skirt. Each word carried a dose of failure that threatened to turn her into a bawling baby.

“Why? You’ve just been married for 6 months.”

She expected that question. After all no sane person thought of leaving marriage just barely after few months in it. But then again, no sane person would have met their soul mate just barely few months after saying ‘I do’. Continue reading “I Want A Divorce…”



Kids can’t be burdened with the evil that has etched itself to the existence of mankind. They are the early morning breeze that cools the burning heat radiating from leathery skins that have weathered unspeakable storms. Kids should have no worries whatsoever. But he sits quietly in one corner, watching the other kids laugh in abandon, his bruised shoulders slumped in partial defeat. No one can tell why a kid of seven years has the demeanor of a man who witnessed World War I and II and survived cancer. No one can break through the walls he has built around himself. He looks up, and the sullenness etched on the planes of his young face bespeaks of a battle being fought within. Continue reading “Damaged!”

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