Every Lady Should See This.


I am going to tread on sensitive ground but some things need to be said.

Why are we, as a people, daft? We follow things, be it religion, culture, trends, sheepishly without weighing anything. So sad. Continue reading “Every Lady Should See This.”


I Want A Divorce…

“I want a divorce.”

She said this quietly while twiddling the hem of her skirt. Each word carried a dose of failure that threatened to turn her into a bawling baby.

“Why? You’ve just been married for 6 months.”

She expected that question. After all no sane person thought of leaving marriage just barely after few months in it. But then again, no sane person would have met their soul mate just barely few months after saying ‘I do’. Continue reading “I Want A Divorce…”

Mental Health.

mental healthMental illness is a serious problem in the world we live in today, but sadly its severity is met with ignorance, passive dismissive behaviour /remarks and flat out mockery in our country Nigeria. ¬†We are yet to come to terms with the grisly reality that stares us in the face. Mental Health challenges has hit pandemic proportions in recent times, the news is rife with the gloomy reports of suicides or attempted suicides, mental/nervous breakdowns and other forms of erratic behaviour. DEPRESSION seems to be the major focus but there is a lot more, DEPRESSION as serious as it is, is just a fraction of a much bigger issue. ¬†Mental Illness. Continue reading “Mental Health.”

Excerpts From A Phlegmatic Mind.

thinking primateSometimes you wonder if you’re truly significant in this world. You look around and it seems life is on a fast lane and is leaving you far behind. You wonder why people are in a mad hurry, they can’t even pause a little to say a simple hi. You try to smile at someone, but it seems you’re totally invisible. You get totally bewildered when you just can’t seem to draw people’s attention, yet they stay glued to every word that falls out of that ‘one’ with the magnetic presence. You open your mouth to speak yet words fail you. At times you speak the words, but they are a far cry from the multitude of brilliant ideas brewing in your mind. Sometimes you berate yourself for your inability to coordinate your vocal chords to spew forth series of words that would dumbfound the world. At times, you get envious of that ‘one’ who could electrify the environment with their commanding presence. You ask yourself, ‘how do they do it?’ You put your head down, as you walk the path of life, cause you don’t feel worthy enough to look life head on. You munch the sour lemons life throws at you, and believe you deserve them. You wish to do something that would throw you into the limelight, yet you can’t just muster a drive to fulfill your wish.

Continue reading “Excerpts From A Phlegmatic Mind.”

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