I Crashed A Wedding Yesterday.

Hello…Guy you dey house? 


How far? Any better? 


Answer me na… You dey house? 


Yes I dey house, what’s up? 


OK I dey come pick you, e get one occasion we go enter. 


Bro this one na short notice something, you know say I no dey like am. 

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Does Sparing The Rod Spoil The Child?

I was at shoprite with my friend, we went there to go buys some booze, we were going about our business when my attention was drawn to this kid, a boy between 9 and 11 years old creating a scene because his mother didn’t get him a toy he wanted I’m not too sure what it was, but the boy was screaming and  beating his mother with the toy. I was so annoyed I just wanted to pass by and quietly and give him a sound “konk” on his head. It also made me thinking about how my mother would have reacted if I DARED to do that. Continue reading “Does Sparing The Rod Spoil The Child?”

Your Pastor Na ”Guy man”

A fellow job hunting buddy invited me to his church a few years ago. We were chatting about job our job hunting experiences and he went on a spiritual tirade, about how the awesome power of God can solve all our problems and how I should visit his church and go to his pastor for counselling and spiritual advice. I was reluctant at first, but he was persistent, he spoke about his pastor with such reverence and adulation. I gave in after I had exhausted all the tactics I employed to dodge the invite. Besides, I rarely attended any other churches that weren’t mine, so I decided to give a shot…actually, I was curious, I was just going there to observe and to see how things are done. Continue reading “Your Pastor Na ”Guy man””

Your Pastor Na ”Guy man” Pt.2

The sermon was good, but his gait and swagger was better. It was like watching an artiste perform. There was a sweating bottle of water, tall glass and a pack of immaculate white handkerchiefs next to a huge bible where he read from. He signaled whenever he wanted some water or another handkerchief and the lady who relocated me earlier rushed to refill the glass, handed it over to him with both hands as she genuflected at the same time. She waited until he finished, repeated the gesture, collected the glass and went back to her seat. This one time, it got too hot I guess because he took off his jacket, held it out and the same lady rushed to get it, he let it go before she got to him, and she got it before it touched the ground. I looked at my friend again, this time he made an effort not to look at my direction. Each time the pastor dropped a punch line or used a big word, the church erupted in ‘’woohoos’’, some stood and waved…yea, I wondered why too. Continue reading “Your Pastor Na ”Guy man” Pt.2″

My Second Police Experience.

The second police experience happened some four years later, I was back home again, in my ‘’hood’’ in ’09. Our transformer ‘’blew’’, the only way to charge our phones was to go to the ‘’barbing saloon’’ at the street corner. Usually we left our phones there in the shop, and we would return later to collect them. In a neighbourhood like mine where ‘’palming’’ was a norm, you may return to meet just the power chord if the ‘’palmist’’ get small joy. On this day, I was in the ‘’barbing saloon’’ charging my phone, the barber was kind enough to entertain us with a martial arts movie, his speakers were blaring, we were all engrossed in the movie aloof of the happenings outside outside his shop. Continue reading “My Second Police Experience.”

Stop Whining! Nobody Owes You Shit!


Sometimes our sense of entitlement in this country is bewildering. The other day after a long day of paid slavery, the following conversation occurred between me and a long time acquaintance. One of those ‘uncu’ I had to rotate my screen at different angles to recognize. This one obviously was unhappy at his Maker and decided to scrape off the first layer of his melanin. I digress, no vex Continue reading “Stop Whining! Nobody Owes You Shit!”

VIDEO : See How Men Of The Nigerian Police Force Beat Up A Young Man.

The video circulating on social media shows some men of the Nigerian Police Force, putting the last part of their name to use. They are seen beat up this young Nigerian for reasons yet unknown and another for asking what the matter was.

Watch the video here

Just yesterday we wrote about these Policemen and the vicious treatment of the Nigerian youth in the article; The police is your friend? This is getting out of hand, We can not sit back and continue to watch this happen.

I Want A Divorce…

“I want a divorce.”

She said this quietly while twiddling the hem of her skirt. Each word carried a dose of failure that threatened to turn her into a bawling baby.

“Why? You’ve just been married for 6 months.”

She expected that question. After all no sane person thought of leaving marriage just barely after few months in it. But then again, no sane person would have met their soul mate just barely few months after saying ‘I do’. Continue reading “I Want A Divorce…”

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